Let’s laugh. – Peg Bausch

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Hey!  It’s us, Cairdea design, and this is our new blog!  We want to share innovative ideas, new successful business methods, deals we have to make your brand shine, news about our staff and clients, and most importantly, have some FUN with you this summer and on. (You know us, we want to make work into play as much as possible and do it in a way that makes it easy and effective for your company and us too.)

Speaking of humor and fun and effective let’s watch a little brilliant marketing right now from Kia Corporation and their Soul campaign.

We challenge anyone to NOT love this, and remember it too. (A trade secret: if you are angry beyond belief at a client, employee, boss, or mother in law, watch this video a couple times. It breaks the mood and returns you to your ironical sense of humor that was hidden when you were mad.)

Amy Stabler, Marketing Director from Kia tells us:  “well, it wasn’t exactly easy.  It took a lot of research and innovation and a real desire to bring something different to the table.  We found out exactly what market we wanted to sell to, and then we decided we needed to get the information to them in a memorable way. We knew it was a huge risk, but we still went for it. It turned out to be very successful in market share growth” .  She wouldn’t give me the numbers, but I bet they made the boss happy.

I know I know, you’re saying “OK, but our companies don’t have the money like Kia does, and we can’t make these types of videos.”  But the principle is the same.  Find out who and where your market really is first, and then give them a product that they will think is really cool and makes them laugh. Humor can be found in quick sound bites in many different ways. With so many of us on the go all the time, portability, quick recognition of brand and quite clever can work wonders together.

One of the best tag lines I’ve ever seen:

Bronson’s Steakhouse:

“Tender steaks and tough martinis”

Memorable? Clever? Hell yes.  Humor triggers an emotional reaction to your brand’s message.  Quite simply, it feels good to laugh. It feels even better to laugh while you feel you are getting an underground private joke for only the cool in your subgroup.  This is what makes it so memorable for the viewer. It is this same emotion that inspires them to share your humorous advertisement with their friends and family, bragging about how they got the joke. And so it goes, your brand begins to move around the world. Same thing for traveling coffee cups, water bottles,  and golf towels.  The better logos, slogans, and tag lines make for good conversation within the know group, and makes your people laugh.  Two good things that we need more of in today’s insular world.

I carried around that damn coffee cup from Bronson’s Steakhouse for years and loved when people around the building would read it and laugh, and let me tell them about the place.  The tag line was just what it said they were, and that is cool, and so was I because I got it.

At Cairdea we believe we are the same;  we are what we say we are and we are quite clever, more on the ball than any other company that does what we do. We love the challenge of coming up with something that will make people remember that your company is exactly that too.