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  • With a heavy heart

    September 27, 2016 | Posted By: | Cairdea |
    We all share a sincere sense of loss of our long-time friend and colleague – Kevin Euler. Kevin passed away unexpectedly on September 24th, at the age of 48, and we are all devastated by his sudden death.
    He was a tremendous source of humor and cheer, love and respect – every day he was with us.  No one will ever be able to replace him as a performer, co-worker or true friend.

    Feel free to share your kind thoughts and memories of Kevin here. You can also show support for his family at the Kevin Euler – GoFundMe page

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    Holiday Ideas flipbook

    October 23, 2015 | Posted By: | Audio · Bags · Brand Names · corporate gifts · Holiday gifts · Technology · Uncategorized |

    cover holiday 2015

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    The Power is Addicting

    September 24, 2015 | Posted By: | Audio · branding · corporate gifts · Imprinted t-shirts · Technology · Uncategorized |

    The ability to have one item that will fully charge all your devices is a game changer. Never run out of power again. With a compact portable design, the ability to charge three electronic devices at one time, universal compatibility and a 10,400 mAh premium grade lithium-ion battery, the TenFour external battery pack by OrigAudio takes charging on the go to the next level. More power means you don’t have to slow down and plug in. The TenFour keeps you mobile and connected wherever life takes you.

    Take a look at the video to see all the details and then give Cairdea a call to order at 510.748.9708 or email us at Pricing as low as $53.00 depending on quantity.

    Ten Four Power Bank

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  • Limited time offer on a fantastic battery powerbank:

    May 28, 2015 | Posted By: | corporate gifts · full color graphics · Technology |

    Powerbanks have become an item we can’t live without.  Having a back up source of power for all our electronic devices is a must.  Both in business and your personal life.

    Cairdea has an offer that really can’t be beat.  This is a very high quality, powerful option for back up power.  These days it doesn’t pay to to go with the cheapest option on electronics.  The low-end devices can harm your expensive electronics in the blink of an eye.  So this Cairdea option, at this price, is a phenomenal deal.

    Call or email us if you want more information on this product, or if you just want to find out more about power and accessories for your devices.  We can tell you what is happening in the promotional market and what you should know before you buy. *

    The Cairdea Team

    5000mAh powerbank special

    Offer expires 7/26/15 and is subject to stock on hand.

    Powerbank Special 2015

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    Silk Screen Style Guide – Let Us Help You Get Creative

    February 11, 2015 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

    motion co-technique guide

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    Personalized Holiday Cards are still available in time for the holidays.

    December 2, 2014 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

    Cairdea Holiday Card Website
    Order your personalized Holiday Cards on our card website today and get them before by the 16th*. Happy Holidays!

    Cairdea Holiday Cards for Business

    Cairdea Holiday Cards for Business

    *stock and other issues could delay your cards.

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  • Who needs Black Friday!

    November 26, 2014 | Posted By: | Brand Names · Mugs |

    No need to wait for one day a year. Factory sales, closeout, direct overseas orders, Cairdea does it all, all the time.  In our industry there are many options for the same product.  Our Cairdea Team is expert at finding the highest quality item at the best price to meet your needs.  You don’t need to spend time looking for the best sale or who has the inventory you need.  Just give us a call, and we will do all the leg work.  We can even wrap it all up in a neatly-tied-custom-imprinted-bow.

    Cairdea has expert factory relationships that allow us to meet tight deadlines without breaking the bank.  We have minimums as low as 6 pieces on employee or executive gifts. If you still have not ordered your holiday gifts there is no time to spare!  Let us take care of your project so you can move on to all those Holiday Parties (insert holiday music here)

    Last minute holiday gifts from

    Last minute holiday gifts from

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    Award Much?

    September 26, 2014 | Posted By: | awards · Holiday gifts |

    Forget about those crystal dust catchers lining your top salesperson’s shelves, here is the award that keeps on giving. Welcome to the modern award that will stay front and center on a desk, as well as go from home to office to car to boat to train. Ok, maybe not all of those, but it will stay with them!

    Wireless Bluetooth Award

    This bluetooth speaker is full color on two sides and can be personalized with recipient Name, Title or other text. Give us a call to discuss the details and how we can make some memorable awards for your Top Sellers, Favorite Vendors, Safety Experts or Awesome Employees.


    Turns Your Bluetooth Phone, Tablet or Mobile Device Into A Portable Sound System

    Features High Definition Sound With A Built In Mic For Easy Hands-Free Calling

    Bluetooth Version 3.0

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    Full color sticky notes on Sale from Cairdea

    September 15, 2014 | Posted By: | branding · full color graphics · stationary · sticky notes |

    Do you love a good sale? We here at Cairdea love a good sale too.  Not sure if Bic® is spreading early holiday cheer or trying to start a brand war with 3m Post-Its®, but either way it’s a WIN!  These prices on their most popular sizes of sticky notes are unbeatable.

    Give us a call to discuss creative ways to use Sticky Notes to get your customer or employee’s attention.  These notes are going to stick around and promote your message for months.  You can give them out on their own or use them as an inexpensive add on to larger campaigns.  You can do multiple imprints and send them out quarterly with a new message.  Safety programs, new product release, seasonal product specials, and new website launches are just a few the great uses for these.  So go on and encourage your clients to STICK WITH YOU using this great special.  (We Cairdean’s can’t resist a good pun either!)


    Cairdea bic sticky special

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  • Pinnacle Collection by New Balance

    September 11, 2014 | Posted By: | Bags · Brand Names · Glassware |

    Inspired by the innovative products that allow everyday athletes to achieve new heights, the Pinnacle Collection’s athletic designs feature non-traditional shapes and lightweight materials for top performers. New-Balance---Pinnacle-Collection-1

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    Holiday Hoopla-la-la

    September 11, 2014 | Posted By: | Brand Names · branding · corporate gifts · Holiday gifts |

    It’s that time of year again.  I know, I know, we hate to say it prior to Halloween, but it is time to think about your holiday promotions.  If you want to find the right item, in the right color, in stock that can arrive in time to gift wrap – we have to plan ahead.  Whew, there is so much to do!

    October has 3 different events we are hosting to help you with your planning:

    Holiday Hoopla 2014 Save the date

    October 1st: A rep showcase in Santa Clara where you can see hundreds of items; all from our most trusted vendors.

    October 2nd: A rep showcase in  San Francisco where you can see hundreds of times; all from our most trusted vendors.

    October 9th:  Cairdea Annual Open House – not to be missed with goodie bags, cocktails and munchies to kick off the Holiday season.  See hundreds of ideas, plan your marketing for 2015 and enjoy the company of fellow Cairdeans.

    RSVP to let us know you’ll be coming and we will send you all the details.

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    #FunFacts Drinkware

    September 6, 2013 | Posted By: | Glassware · Mugs |

    Good morning friends and colleagues! 

    Need new corporate coffee cups or travel mugs? How about a set of branded beer mugs to send out as gifts? Or maybe your company has an event coming up where water bottles make the most sense. If you have a drinkware need, Cairdea can help.

    Check out the latest installment of our #FunFacts campaign concerning drinkware below! And if you missed out on the Fun Facts segment featuring apparel, take a gander here.#funfacts drinkware

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  • #FunFacts

    August 23, 2013 | Posted By: | Apparel |

    Cairdea is beginning an email series that informs you on the “Fun Facts” of promotional marketing materials. The promotion industry is vast and can be difficult to navigate….What items fit your message best?….What items work best for your demographic?….What is going to draw people to our company, website, tradeshow? #FunFacts is going to give you all the answers! (well not all, but most of the interesting ones.)

    Cairdea’s #FunFacts will come out each week and highlight a major market category of the promotional marketing industry.  Then to show you how Cairdea has put this product category to use, we will follow up with a case study from our creative archives.  We are excited to share some of our work and the ways our much loved clients have used us.

    Sign up for our email list here:  join our mailing list

    Email to test his knowledge of #FunFacts and #FreeStuff




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    Cairdea offers Custom Clothing at only 48 pieces!

    August 8, 2013 | Posted By: | Apparel |

    It used to be that only the big dogs could do custom designed/colors in their corporate clothing.  Today in partnership with a North American Made Eco clothing manufacturer, even us little pups can have a custom garment.   Using full color panels, custom zippers, inset panels and many other options, you can get a fully custom looking garment, at just 48 pieces per style.

    Contact Jason for a free virtual sample!

    If you want to have a custom made garment for your staff, group or market segment just give us a call.  We offer free virtual samples that show the item(s) that you have chosen, in the colorway that you are interested in, with the logo/artwork in any location.  We can provide these ideas lickety-split too!

    From our partners at Boardroom Eco Apparel:

    “The minimum for a custom order is 48 units per style (yes, we are flexible, so please call). Within the 48 units, you can choose up to three color-ways, and you can choose whatever size breakdown you wish.

    We maintain stock in our fabrics-in a wide a variety of colors. When we get an order, we pull the fabric in the colors that we need, and cut and sew the garment. Custom manufacturing takes between three to five weeks.  We can provide any kind of decoration; embroidery, silkscreening, sublimation, heat transfer, and custom notions (neck labels, side-tabs, zipper-pulls, etcetera).”

    Our virtuals are free so give your account rep a call or email today to ask about custom ECO apparel!

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    Let’s laugh. – Peg Bausch

    June 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

    Hey!  It’s us, Cairdea design, and this is our new blog!  We want to share innovative ideas, new successful business methods, deals we have to make your brand shine, news about our staff and clients, and most importantly, have some FUN with you this summer and on. (You know us, we want to make work into play as much as possible and do it in a way that makes it easy and effective for your company and us too.)

    Speaking of humor and fun and effective let’s watch a little brilliant marketing right now from Kia Corporation and their Soul campaign.

    We challenge anyone to NOT love this, and remember it too. (A trade secret: if you are angry beyond belief at a client, employee, boss, or mother in law, watch this video a couple times. It breaks the mood and returns you to your ironical sense of humor that was hidden when you were mad.)

    Amy Stabler, Marketing Director from Kia tells us:  “well, it wasn’t exactly easy.  It took a lot of research and innovation and a real desire to bring something different to the table.  We found out exactly what market we wanted to sell to, and then we decided we needed to get the information to them in a memorable way. We knew it was a huge risk, but we still went for it. It turned out to be very successful in market share growth” .  She wouldn’t give me the numbers, but I bet they made the boss happy.

    I know I know, you’re saying “OK, but our companies don’t have the money like Kia does, and we can’t make these types of videos.”  But the principle is the same.  Find out who and where your market really is first, and then give them a product that they will think is really cool and makes them laugh. Humor can be found in quick sound bites in many different ways. With so many of us on the go all the time, portability, quick recognition of brand and quite clever can work wonders together.

    One of the best tag lines I’ve ever seen:

    Bronson’s Steakhouse:

    “Tender steaks and tough martinis”

    Memorable? Clever? Hell yes.  Humor triggers an emotional reaction to your brand’s message.  Quite simply, it feels good to laugh. It feels even better to laugh while you feel you are getting an underground private joke for only the cool in your subgroup.  This is what makes it so memorable for the viewer. It is this same emotion that inspires them to share your humorous advertisement with their friends and family, bragging about how they got the joke. And so it goes, your brand begins to move around the world. Same thing for traveling coffee cups, water bottles,  and golf towels.  The better logos, slogans, and tag lines make for good conversation within the know group, and makes your people laugh.  Two good things that we need more of in today’s insular world.

    I carried around that damn coffee cup from Bronson’s Steakhouse for years and loved when people around the building would read it and laugh, and let me tell them about the place.  The tag line was just what it said they were, and that is cool, and so was I because I got it.

    At Cairdea we believe we are the same;  we are what we say we are and we are quite clever, more on the ball than any other company that does what we do. We love the challenge of coming up with something that will make people remember that your company is exactly that too.

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