Award Much?

September 26, 2014 | Posted By: | awards · Holiday gifts |

Forget about those crystal dust catchers lining your top salesperson’s shelves, here is the award that keeps on giving. Welcome to the modern award that will stay front and center on a desk, as well as go from home to office to car to boat to train. Ok, maybe not all of those, but it will stay with them!

Wireless Bluetooth Award

This bluetooth speaker is full color on two sides and can be personalized with recipient Name, Title or other text. Give us a call to discuss the details and how we can make some memorable awards for your Top Sellers, Favorite Vendors, Safety Experts or Awesome Employees.


Turns Your Bluetooth Phone, Tablet or Mobile Device Into A Portable Sound System

Features High Definition Sound With A Built In Mic For Easy Hands-Free Calling

Bluetooth Version 3.0